Percutaneous renal tumour biopsy: a 10-year review of complications and outcomes at Royal Perth Hospital
USANZ ePoster Library, Wilson Choi, 287752
Peri-operative outcomes of 100 open and robot-assisted retroperitoneal lymph node dissections for testicular cancer in a centralised testicular cancer network
USANZ ePoster Library, Benjamin Thomas, 287786
Rates of partial nephrectomy in Urban vs. Rural Queensland
USANZ ePoster Library, Margaret Mansbridge, 287707
Does CxBladder improve bladder cancer detection and surveillance? A prospective, cross-sectional analytic study
USANZ ePoster Library, Hong Jie Soh, 287772
Characterizing the choice of Emergency Department (ED) imaging for patients with renal colic
USANZ ePoster Library, Liang Qu, 287769
USANZ ePoster Library, Christian Robinson, 287696
Fournier's Gangrene: A five year regional Australia perspective
USANZ ePoster Library, Brent Gilbert, 287764
Impact of Medicare rebatable prostate MRI on prostate biopsy services.
USANZ ePoster Library, Cindy Garcia, 287793
Natural History of Primary Urosepsis Requiring Intensive Care Admission in a Large Teaching Hospital
USANZ ePoster Library, Helen Thursby, 287708
Testing a couple-focused, tailored mhealth intervention for symptom self-management among men with prostate cancer and partners
USANZ ePoster Library, Lixin Song, 287697
Beyond The Vaginal Erosion - Dealing With Complex Urinary Tract Mesh Complications
USANZ ePoster Library, Jessica Yin, 287783
Malleable penile prosthesis improves voiding dysfunction in men with buried penis: A pilot study
USANZ ePoster Library, Eric Chung, 287749
Penile vibratory stimulation for management of Idiopathic Anejaculation. The New Touchstone ?
USANZ ePoster Library, Vineet Kumar Narang, 287731
The psychological impact on junior doctors of the application process to specialty training programs, and a comparison between surgery and other specialties
USANZ ePoster Library, matthew farag, 287700
Buccal mucosal ureteroplasty for management of ureteric strictures - A systematic review of the literature
USANZ ePoster Library, Bridget Heijkoop, 287716
Association of endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene (eNOS3) polymorphisms with varicocele risk and post-varicocelectomy seminal oxidative stress reduction
USANZ ePoster Library, Salma Omar, 287705
Never too old for Botox® - intravesical Botox® is efficacious and safe in the elderly population
USANZ ePoster Library, Lana Pepdjonovic, 287715
Clinical evaluation of the impact of pelvic mesh surgery on male sexual function domains following AdVance male sling surgery
USANZ ePoster Library, Eric Chung, 287748
Comparison of rural and urban hospital training experiences for Urological and other Surgical Registrars.
USANZ ePoster Library, Magnus Cheesman, 287762
Changing trends in TRUS guided prostate biopsy with mpMRI and analysis of directed versus systematic sampling
USANZ ePoster Library, Ramiz Iqbal, 287763
Narrow Band Imaging (NBI): A novel technique to improve diagnostic accuracy during flexible cystoscopy (F/C) in the identification of pathognomonic features of Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS)
USANZ ePoster Library, Christopher Ciampa, 287773
Preserved bladder contractility in patients with detrusor underactivity predicts improved response rate to a staged trial of sacral neuromodulation
USANZ ePoster Library, Garson Chan, 287761
Improving peri-operative urine culture interpretation and treatment
USANZ ePoster Library, Elliot Anderson, 287756
Preoperative functional assessment of men undergoing radical prostatectomy - Correlation of clinical and Urodynamic parameters
USANZ ePoster Library, Nicholas Faure Walker, 287779
Urinary tract stone deaths: ANZASM data
USANZ ePoster Library, Elena Galiabovitch, 287719
Rise of the Machines: Comparing the Cancer Detection Rate of MRI-Ultrasound Fusion Guided Versus Cognitive-MRI Guided Prostate Biopsy for Small MRI Lesions
USANZ ePoster Library, Anton Maré, 287765
Impact of prostate volume on tumour detection rate in magnetic resonance imaging-targeted fusion biopsy
USANZ ePoster Library, Arveen Kalapara, 287740
Chronic severe testicular pain - Does Neuromodulation work?
USANZ ePoster Library, Paul Manohar, 287709
PSMA PET/CT to guide salvage treatment post prostatectomy: the IMPPORT trial
USANZ ePoster Library, Samantha Koschel, 287736
Correlation of ankle-brachial arterial index to BPH/LUTS
USANZ ePoster Library, Bill Lynch, 287753
Transurethral prostatectomy length of stay and re-admission rates - A case study into bench marking clinical performance for quality improvement.
USANZ ePoster Library, Deborah Friberg, 287720
PSMA avid renal metastasis of prostate cancer - a candidate for Lutetium PSMA therapy? A review of the Lutetium PSMA literature.
USANZ ePoster Library, William Yaxley, 287777
Can we predict high risk PIRADS 3 lesion? A study to correlate MRI features with prostatectomy specimens.
USANZ ePoster Library, Yilu (Rose) He, 287713
Adherence to Guidelines - Acute urinary tract infection treatment by General Practitioners
USANZ ePoster Library, Brennan Timm, 287662
Perioperative Outcomes of Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection in a NSW Tertiary Referral Hospital
USANZ ePoster Library, Kale Munien, 287721
Improved Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) after robotic assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP): implications for prostate cancer (CaP) survivorship and treatment selection
USANZ ePoster Library, Thomas Ahn, 287717
68Ga-PSMA and rural Australia: implications of the 'new Gold standard'
USANZ ePoster Library, James Macneil, 287706
A 10-Year Retrospective Audit of Penile Cancer Management at C&CDHB
USANZ ePoster Library, Muazzam Naim Tahir, 287780
Selective Parenchymal Clamping in Open Partial Nephrectomy: Early Experience with FinClamps
USANZ ePoster Library, James Macneil, 287699
PrecisionPoint Biopsy - A Western Australian Initial Experience
USANZ ePoster Library, Pravin Viswambaram, 287837
A systematic review and meta-analysis of negative predictive value of multi-parametric MRI as a pre-biopsy triage tool
USANZ ePoster Library, Mo Li, 287714
Robot-assisted bladder diverticulectomy: indications, techniques and peri-operative outcomes
USANZ ePoster Library, Shuo Mark Liu, 287790
Are PSMA PET/CT scans changing the management of prostate cancer?
USANZ ePoster Library, Ben Silagy, 287759
A comparative study of the initial 100 robot-assisted radical cystectomy cases and initial 66 open radical cystectomy cases performed by a single surgeon
USANZ ePoster Library, Benjamin Thomas, 287839
Assessing the impact of introducing mpMRI prostate in Australia after introduction of a federal government subsidy.
USANZ ePoster Library, Thomas Whish-Wilson, 287785
The ‘One Stop Prostate Clinic' (OSPC) - Prospective analysis of 1,000 men attending a same-day prostate cancer assessment +/- diagnostic clinic in the public health setting in Western Australia (WA).
USANZ ePoster Library, Cynthia Hawks, 287745
The impact of intraoperative opioid, ketamine and dexmedetomidine administration on oncologic outcomes following kidney cancer surgery.
USANZ ePoster Library, Andrew Silagy, 287758
Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in patients with preexisting solid-organ transplant and inflatable penile prosthesis
USANZ ePoster Library, Shuo Mark Liu, 287791
Role of 99mTc-MIBI SPECT/CT in the evaluation and management of small renal masses
USANZ ePoster Library, Pravin Viswambaram, 287787
Genitourinary toxicity after pelvic radiation: a prospective audit
USANZ ePoster Library, Rowan David, 287741
What is the optimal penile cancer surgical resection margin for oncological clearance?
USANZ ePoster Library, Elliot Anderson, 287723
Clinical Utility of Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) Analysis of Primary Renal Lesions in Patients with Advanced Renal Malignancies
USANZ ePoster Library, Margaret Mansbridge, 287727
Contemporary outcomes of open radical cystectomy: A 5 year experience from a tertiary care centre
USANZ ePoster Library, Brusabhanu Nayak, 287702
Zonal distribution of prostate cancer using in-gantry MRI based prostate biopsy
USANZ ePoster Library, Yilu (Rose) He, 287724
Active surveillance - a predictor for more advanced disease at radical prostatectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Brennan Timm, 287704
68Ga-PSMA PET/CT findings in biochemical recurrence following primary radiation treatment for prostate cancer
USANZ ePoster Library, Anthony Franklin, 287739
Gender Based Variations in the Detection of Bladder Cancer with Blue Light Cystoscopy: Insights from a Multicenter Registry
USANZ ePoster Library, Arveen Kalapara, 287743
Tumour seeding of a renal mass biopsy tract: more common than thought?
USANZ ePoster Library, Ting Yiu, 287751
Ethnic Disparities in the Presentation and Management of Testicular Cancer: How Are We Performing?
USANZ ePoster Library, Andrew Low, 287722
Comparison of outcomes for patients with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer treated by urologists or medical oncologists with first line abiraterone acetate or enzalutamide: a population-based study
USANZ ePoster Library, Dixon Woon, 287766
How accurate is 68Ga-PSMA PET/bpMRI in localising primary prostate cancers compared to multiparametric MRI, 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT and whole-mount histopathology? The SAMURAI Study
USANZ ePoster Library, Jeremy Grummet, 287725
Optimal detection of bone metastasis in primary staging of prostate cancer: direct comparison of 68-Gallium Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) with bone scan in 532 patients
USANZ ePoster Library, Ramesh Shanmugasundaram, 287755
Pre-operative Gallium 68 prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography (68Ga-PSMA PET) SUV max better predicts Gleason score at radical prostatectomy compared to pre-op PIRADS 3-5 multiparametric magnetic imaging (mpMRI)
USANZ ePoster Library, William Yaxley, 287776
USANZ ePoster Library, Ruchira Nandurkar, 287737
68Ga-PET PSMA detects cancer foci in patients with negative multiparametric MRI; is 68Ga-PET PSMA guided biopsy an option in PIRADS 2?
USANZ ePoster Library, William Yaxley, 287774
Association between Ureteric Stent Dwell Time and Urinary Tract Infection
USANZ ePoster Library, Kevin Zhuo, 287730
Prophylactic parastomal mesh in ileal conduit after radical cystectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Aditya Sharma, 287710
A precision medicine approach to bladder cancer using patient derived organoids
USANZ ePoster Library, Paria Saadat, 287654
SPC for Iatrogenic urethral catherisation injuries. Is it curtains? Bedside flexible Cystoscopy for Urethral catheterization in urethral trauma.
USANZ ePoster Library, Vineet Kumar Narang, 287732
Uretero-ileal strictures. Can endoscopic treatment prevent the need for ureteric re-implantation?
USANZ ePoster Library, Xuan Rui Ong, 287781
Impact on patient and health system of nephrostomy tubes for upper tract obstruction
USANZ ePoster Library, Claire Whitehead, 287698
Rates of inadvertent stent-on-string removal following provision of dedicated patient information sheets
USANZ ePoster Library, Joshua Makary, 287782
USANZ ePoster Library, Daniel Wein, 287711
Opioid use in Emergency Department (ED) associated with higher re-presentation rates of renal colic
USANZ ePoster Library, Liang Qu, 287767
The Prostatic Urethral Lift real-world experience is consistent with pivotal trial results
USANZ ePoster Library, Peter Chin, 287794
Functional outcomes following Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP) for patients with huge prostates (>150cc)
USANZ ePoster Library, Nicholas Mehan, 287734
Complications of emergency ureteral stent insertion for acute obstructive urolithiasis: a healthcare resource challenge
USANZ ePoster Library, William Gondoputro, 287778
Transition from prone to supine percutaneous nephrolithotomy in a regional centre: outcomes and challenges
USANZ ePoster Library, Michelle Ong, 287744
Comparison of manual hand held irrigation verses low pressure continuous flow during endoscopic lithotripsy
USANZ ePoster Library, matthew farag, 287703
USANZ ePoster Library, Andrew Morton, 287771
Robotic prostatectomy on the internet: analysis of current Australian information sources.
USANZ ePoster Library, Stuart Jackson, 287838
When it is safe to remove the catheter after bipolar-TURP? Comparative study of the postoperative outcomes following day 1 and day 2 catheter removal.
USANZ ePoster Library, Angus Bruce, 287775
A prospective randomised controlled pilot study comparing artificial urinary sphincter with and without autologous fascial wrap: Evaluation of clinical outcomes with a minimum 24 months follow-up study
USANZ ePoster Library, Eric Chung, 287792
CxBladder Triage can reduce need for cystoscopy in haematuria workup - A Northern Health experience
USANZ ePoster Library, John El-Khoury, 287760
Transperineal prostate biopsy under local anaesthetic is ready for prime time - a comparison between general anaesthetic procedure for accuracy, tolerability and complications
USANZ ePoster Library, David Chapman, 287754
Early Cases from the DETECT trial: Radioguided Surgery with Technetium99m-labelled PSMA to aid Intraoperative Lymph Node Metastases Detection for Patients Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy and ePLND for Prostate Cancer
USANZ ePoster Library, Amer Amin, 287747
Morbidity and cost implications of shifting from routine transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy to mpMRI triage with selective transperineal prostate biopsy: A 12-year retrospective analysis from a tertiary referral centre
USANZ ePoster Library, Alastair Macdonald, 287770
Robotic partial nephrectomy in patients with a solitary kidney - is it safe?
USANZ ePoster Library, Nicholas Mehan, 287733
A single centres experience in transcatheter embolization of renal angiomyolipoma over the last 15 years.
USANZ ePoster Library, David Chapman, 287701
The influence of national guidelines on Prostate cancer screening and detection: A population-based analysis
USANZ ePoster Library, Bashar Matti, 287735
NanoKnife focal therapy in Queensland : The first twelve months
USANZ ePoster Library, Anthony Franklin, 287836
Photoimmunotherapy of urological malignancies by Miltuximab®-IRDye700DX
USANZ ePoster Library, Dmitry Polikarpov, 287742
Early ligation of gonadal vein during laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy does not influence incidence of ureteral stricture in renal transplantation
USANZ ePoster Library, Angela Holmes, 287757
Live kidney donor allograft lithiasis: a systematic review of stone related morbidity in donors
USANZ ePoster Library, Jinna Yao, 287789
Laparoscopic Ureterolysis and Omental Wrapping as a Definitive Surgical Management of Ureteric Obstruction Related to Retroperitoneal Fibrosis.
USANZ ePoster Library, Md Mohsin Uddin, 287712
Would you like apnoea for ESWL? A pilot, prospective study
USANZ ePoster Library, Thomas Ahn, 287718
Oncological outcomes in men on active surveillance with Gleason 3+4 prostate cancer
USANZ ePoster Library, Amer Amin, 287746
A pilot study on the clinical outcome of autologous rectus fascial wrap at the time of artificial urinary sphincter placement in patients at high risk of cuff erosion
USANZ ePoster Library, Johan Gani, 287788
The IL-1β and the SGK1-NFAT2 Signaling Pathway Stimulate Cell Proliferation and Pyroptosis In BOO mouse
USANZ ePoster Library, Lin Chen, 287619
A systematic review of dedicated models of care for emergency urological patients
USANZ ePoster Library, Ned Kinnear, 287635

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