Does the addition of an bladder neck suspension suture improve time to continence and overall continence following robotic assisted radical prostatectomy ?
USANZ ePoster Library, Sunny Modi, 127164
Predictors of clinically significant prostate cancer: does PSA density relate to PIRADS on multiparametric MRI?
USANZ ePoster Library, Anton Maré, 127158
Understanding the role of new systemic agents in the treatment of prostate cancer
USANZ ePoster Library, Julia Corfield, 127136
Molecular imaging of advanced primary renal cell carcinoma and histopathological correlation
USANZ ePoster Library, Chui Ming Tham, 129042
Sun exposure, prostate cancer and melanoma: does a diagnosis of prostate cancer imply lower melanoma risk due to reduced sunlight?
USANZ ePoster Library, Dane Cole-Clark, 127134
Evaluation of pelvic floor muscle strength before and after robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy and outcomes on early urinary continence
USANZ ePoster Library, Luke Gibson, 127143
Clinical outcomes for rural patients with prostate cancer in South Australia
USANZ ePoster Library, Andrew Shepherd, 127176
In vitro culture of prostate cancer xenografts using organoid technology
USANZ ePoster Library, Alexander Hutchinson, 127125
Radical prostatectomy vs external beam radiotherapy for high risk prostate cancer: an observational study of mortality outcomes
USANZ ePoster Library, Henry Cruickshanks-Boyd, 127140
Correlation of uni-focality of prostate cancer between MRI and wholemount: implications for focal therapy
USANZ ePoster Library, Manmeet Saluja, 127172
Analysis of bladder cancer trends in Victoria from 2003-2012 using the Victorian cancer registry
USANZ ePoster Library, Jada Kapoor, 127151
Development of an animated model to improve patients' understanding of pelvic floor exercises prior to radical prostatectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Helen Crowe, 129040
Neo bladder: a nursing perspective
USANZ ePoster Library, Scott Riley, 129039
Haemorrhagic cystitis management in the adult: an evidence based approach
USANZ ePoster Library, Anthony Dat, 127142
Does the prostate imaging-reporting and data system (PI-RADS) version 2 (v2) improve accuracy for anterior lesions on multi parametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI)?
USANZ ePoster Library, Callum Logan, 127154
Length of hospital stay and readmission rates after radical cystectomy in octogenarians compared to younger patients
USANZ ePoster Library, Ahmed Saeed Goolam, 127145
Gender does not affect survival in those undergoing radical cystectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Richard Hoffmann, 127147
Urethrectomies: primary vs delayed
USANZ ePoster Library, Athina Pirpiris, 127168
Prioritising patient-reported outcomes for clinical trials for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: outcomes that matter to patients and clinicians
USANZ ePoster Library, Claudia Rutherford, 127171
Dopamine secreting pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas: a potential cause of false negative metanephrines and their biochemical profiles
USANZ ePoster Library, Michael Bozin, 127132
Metastatic renal cell carcinoma patterns of care in Queensland
USANZ ePoster Library, Andre Joshi, 127150
Factors influencing patient experience during prostate biopsy - patient and clinician perspectives
USANZ ePoster Library, Joanna Dargan, 127141
Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection: an analysis of an Australian and New Zealand contemporary cohort
USANZ ePoster Library, Todd Manning, 127155
Trends in radical prostatectomy modality in Australia
USANZ ePoster Library, Kieran Beattie, 127131
Location and Gleason score accuracy of transperineal biopsies of the prostate compared to radical prostatectomy specimens, a retrospective study in a single institution
USANZ ePoster Library, Bridget Copson, 127135
Age-related continence outcomes after robotic radical prostatectomy - a single surgeon series
USANZ ePoster Library, Shomik Sengupta, 127173
Rare occurrence of co-existing renal cell carcinoma and primary renal non-hodgkins lymphoma
USANZ ePoster Library, Cheryl Nicholson, 127166
Lymph node harvest predicts disease specific survival in node negative bladder cancer patients
USANZ ePoster Library, Jack Crozier, 127139
30 day and 90 day mortality rates in octogenarians undergoing radical cystectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Ahmed Saeed Goolam, 127144
Ureteric granuloma following intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG): a systematic review and case report
USANZ ePoster Library, Trevor Tnay, 127177
Radical cystectomy is associated with an increased risk of depression in the early post-operative period
USANZ ePoster Library, Ahmed Saeed Goolam, 131849
Implementation of ERAS for radical cystectomy: a review of the protocol and preliminary outcomes at a tertiary referral hospital
USANZ ePoster Library, Nicholas Mehan, 127162
Predictors of perioperative outcomes for radical cystectomy: 12 year Victorian data
USANZ ePoster Library, Cristian Udovicich, 127178
Robotic assisted laparoscopic radical cystectomy and urinary diversion: initial Queensland experience
USANZ ePoster Library, Matthew Honore, 127148
Moving toward an evidence and consensus based multi-centre enhanced recovery pathway for radical cystectomy: results of an ANZUP survey
USANZ ePoster Library, Steve McCombie, 127161
Cellular effects of zinc treatment on an immortalized human kidney cell line
USANZ ePoster Library, Luke Gibson, 127124
Surgical outcomes of partial nephrectomy with and without hilar vessel clamping
USANZ ePoster Library, Sachinka Ranasinghe, 127169
Using PSA to predict extra capsular disease in T1c prostate cancer
USANZ ePoster Library, Jack Crozier, 127138
Understanding the relationship between surgical technique and lymph node density
USANZ ePoster Library, Jack Crozier, 127137
The impact of extended thromboprophylaxis on the risk of venous thromboembolism after open radical prostatectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Luke Wang, 127179
The use of 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT in men with rise in PSA after definitive treatment for acinar adenocarcinoma of the prostate
USANZ ePoster Library, Greta Meredith, 127163
When to let go? Follow-up of radical prostatectomy patients in the primary care
USANZ ePoster Library, Omid Yassaie, 127180
Inconsistent renal cell carcinoma follow up in tertiary cancer centre: time for a different approach?
USANZ ePoster Library, Haider Bangash, 127129
The impact of United States preventive services task force (USPTSTF) recommendation on PSA testing In Australia
USANZ ePoster Library, Homayoun Zargar, 127181
Catheter free nephrectomy safely reduces hospital stay
USANZ ePoster Library, Eleanor Zimmermann, 127127
A 3-year review of laparoscopic nephrectomy at a Regional New South Wales Hospital: the Dubbo Base Hospital and Dubbo Private Hospital endourology experience
USANZ ePoster Library, Nicholas Lee, 127153
Could prompting referral to a urologist on investigation reports improve referral rates for visible haematuria? A case study-based survey
USANZ ePoster Library, Steve McCombie, 127160
Carbon footprint and environmental impact and costs of reusable versus disposable flexible ureteroscopic instruments: a comparison
USANZ ePoster Library, Shannon McGrath, 127126
Utility of intra-operative ureteral frozen section analysis
USANZ ePoster Library, Weranja Ranasinghe, 127170
Management & outcomes of Gleason six prostate cancer detected on needle biopsy: a single surgeon experience over 6 years
USANZ ePoster Library, Brayden March, 127156
Trends in cytoreductive nephrectomy in New South Wales
USANZ ePoster Library, Kieran Beattie, 127130
Australian nephrectomy outcome data: international benchmarking of a quaternary Australian centre
USANZ ePoster Library, John Pearson, 127167
Assessment of the european organisation for research and treatment of cancer bladder cancer predictive model for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer in an Australian cohort
USANZ ePoster Library, Matthew Alberto, 127128
A review of the incidence, management and prognosis of the ductal subtype of prostate cancer
USANZ ePoster Library, Namit Mathur, 127159
Caisis: a prostate cancer database management system for translational research
USANZ ePoster Library, Nicholas Howard, 127149
Chronic epididymal pain - Is epididymectomy an effective treatment?
USANZ ePoster Library, Sum Sum Lo, 127080
Plain KUB: the forgotten test for colic
USANZ ePoster Library, Isobel Blackwood and Claire Prowse, 127081
Quality of health information on the Internet for urolithiasis
USANZ ePoster Library, Dwayne Chang, 127082
In-situ emergency lithotripsy: success and cost benefits
USANZ ePoster Library, John El-khoury, 127083
Prevention of recurrent stone disease in patients with hyperoxaluria
USANZ ePoster Library, Derek Hennessey, 127084
An audit of mechanical prostatic urethral lift in the Illawarra region
USANZ ePoster Library, Abigail Attwell-Heap, 127085
Lower urinary tract symptoms, depression, anxiety and systemic inflammatory factors in men: a population-based cohort study
USANZ ePoster Library, Sean Martin, 127086
Level of lower urinary tract symptoms and erectile dysfunction among men in Fiji
USANZ ePoster Library, Rajeev Patel, 127087
Long-term results of the urethral MemokathTM stent trial for stabilisation of recurrent bulbar urethral strictures
USANZ ePoster Library, Anudini Ranasinghe, 127088
Multicenter experience using aquablation, an image guided robot-assisted water jet ablation of the prostate, for the treatment of BPH: 1 year follow-up
USANZ ePoster Library, Andrew Tan, 127089
Sacral neuromodulation for refractory overactive bladder after prior intravesical onabotulinumtoxinA treatment
USANZ ePoster Library, NATHAN HOAG, 127090
Does transperineal prostate biopsy reduce complications compared with transrectal biopsy? A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
USANZ ePoster Library, Cindy Garcia, 127091
Accuracy of ultrasound guided biopsy of small renal masses: a retrospective review
USANZ ePoster Library, David Habashy, 127092
Antimicrobial prophylaxis in urology: a comparison of local and international guidelines
USANZ ePoster Library, Crishan Haran, 127093
Exploring a better way to assess urology trainees: module based whole entrustable professional activities (EPA)
USANZ ePoster Library, Shuo Mark Liu, 127094
Quality of handwritten urology and general surgery surgical operative notes from junior doctors and surgical trainees in a tertiary teaching hospital
USANZ ePoster Library, Tatenda Nzenza, 127095
The diagnostic yield from investigation of asymptomatic microscopic haematuria. Is it time to rationalise?
USANZ ePoster Library, Muazzam Naim Tahir, 127096
Local anaesthetic transperineal biopsy correlates strongly with final prostatectomy histology
USANZ ePoster Library, Jie Hua (Jema) Xu, 127097
Changing trends in radical prostatectomy: from over-treatment to under-treatment?
USANZ ePoster Library, Vincent Chong, 127098
Changing practice of lymphadenectomy technique following radical cystectomy for primary bladder cancer
USANZ ePoster Library, Jack Crozier, 127099
Incidental prostate cancer at the time of cystectomy in primary bladder cancer
USANZ ePoster Library, Jack Crozier, 127100
Urinary bladder metastases from primary breast cancer: a review of the literature
USANZ ePoster Library, Neshanth Easwaralingam, 127101
Kidney, bladder and testicular cancers in the HIV positive population - experience in an Australasian state-wide HIV centre
USANZ ePoster Library, Jan Fletcher, 127102
Surgical approach predicts short term peri-operative renal function after partial nephrectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Luke Gibson, 127103
Evaluation of pathological findings in radical cystectomy for bladder malignancy in Northern Tasmania 2000-2015
USANZ ePoster Library, Kathryn Gillams, 127104
Pelvic lymph node dissection during radical cystectomy in the octogenarian population
USANZ ePoster Library, Ahmed Saeed Goolam, 127105
Impact of intraoperative renal ischaemia on long term kidney function in nephron sparing nephrectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Natalie Hicks, 127108
Can multi-parametric MRI directed biopsies replace the standard systematic prostate needle biopsy? - early experience in a regional centre
USANZ ePoster Library, Jonathan Kam, 127109
Nurse-led surveillance flexible cystoscopy: evidence of oncological safety
USANZ ePoster Library, Liam Kavanagh, 127110
Are changing guidelines effecting diagnosis of prostate cancer?
USANZ ePoster Library, Wen-Shen Lee, 127111
Australian patterns of prostate cancer care: are they evolving?
USANZ ePoster Library, Jonathon Lo, 127112
A diagnostic dilemma: obstructive renal plasmacytoma mimicking invasive urothelial carcinoma
USANZ ePoster Library, Matthew Morey, 127113
Re admission following TRUS Biopsy of the prostate over 12 years
USANZ ePoster Library, Sophie Riddell, 127114
Can urologists stay 'up-to-date' with prostate cancer research publication rates and scatter?
USANZ ePoster Library, Andrew Shepherd, 127115
A study to assess accuracy of Gleason score of transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy: histopathological correlation to matched prostatectomy specimens
USANZ ePoster Library, Pawan Singhal, 127116
Testicular cancer survival in New South Wales, Australia: a population based study
USANZ ePoster Library, Matthew Stanowski, 127117
Assessment of the impact of renal mass biopsy on the perioperative outcomes of robotic assisted partial nephrectomy
USANZ ePoster Library, Michael Stewart, 127118
Gleason score upgrade in patients undergoing radical prostatectomy; can we predict it? A rural New Zealand experience
USANZ ePoster Library, Muazzam Naim Tahir, 127119
Upper tract imaging in the diagnosis of urothelial carcinomas: is CTIVP required as first-line modality?
USANZ ePoster Library, Luke Wang, 127120
Oncological outcomes of men with ductal and intraductal prostate cancer treated with prostatectomy: a single centre analysis
USANZ ePoster Library, Homayoun Zargar, 127121
Perioperative outcomes of men treated with robotic prostatectomy and extended lymph node dissection
USANZ ePoster Library, Homayoun Zargar, 127122
Ureteric stent: a source of irritation - how important is a written patient education document?
USANZ ePoster Library, Rhonda Partridge, 129041

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